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10 Outdoor Workouts to Improve Heart Health

Mar 28,2024 | Suitisbest Sport Bands

Heart health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, especially for those with heart disease. The outdoors, with its fresh air and natural beauty, offers an ideal setting for heart-healthy aerobic exercises. Ready to give your heart the workout it deserves while basking in the great outdoors? Here's a lowdown on 10 awesome activities that aren't just fun but are your heart's best pals. No more boring gym routines – let's get that heart pumping with nature as your backdrop!


Brisk Walking - Your Easy Cardio Fix

Walking is perhaps the most underrated form of exercise routine. It's simple, yes, but it does wonders for your heart by improving blood circulation and gently raising your heart rate. Aim for a brisk pace that gets you slightly out of breath but still able to chat. Daily walks for about 30 minutes should do the trick. Just remember, comfy footwear is key, and try to mix up your routes to keep things interesting.


Jogging - The Heart's All-Time Favorite

When you're ready to kick it up a notch, jogging is the way to go. It strengthens your heart, improves endurance, and is a great mood lifter. Start with shorter sessions, maybe 20 minutes, three times a week, and gradually increase as you feel more comfortable. Always warm up first, and don’t push too hard too soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – unless it’s actually a sprint.


Cycling - Pedal Your Way to Heart Health

Cycling is a superb low-impact exercise that gets your heart rate up without putting too much strain on your joints. It's perfect for improving cardiovascular fitness and can be quite a thrill. Regular cycling sessions, around 30-60 minutes a few times a week, can work wonders for your cardiovascular fitness. Make sure your bike is properly adjusted for your height, and always wear a helmet – safety first!


Swimming - The Ultimate Heart Workout

Swimming works your entire body and works effectively in preventing heart failure. When you swim, your body has to work hard to move through the water, which elevates your heart rate and strengthens your heart muscle. Unlike many other forms of cardio exercise, swimming is low-impact, meaning it doesn't put stress on your joints. It’s like giving your heart a workout without it even realizing it.

Try to swim for 30 minutes, three to four times a week. Start at a comfortable pace and gradually build up. Remember, it's not about how fast you can swim but how consistently you can keep it up.


Hiking - Adventure for Your Heart

Hiking isn't just great exercise; it's an adventure that your heart loves. The varying terrains challenge your heart in the best ways. Aim for a couple of hours of hiking per week. Always wear sturdy shoes, carry water, and maybe a snack (or two). And don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view – your heart will thank you.


Rowing - Full-Body and Full-Heart Engagement

Rowing is a fantastic full-body workout that's especially good for your heart. Whether you’re on a machine or in a boat, it strengthens the heart muscle, improves its efficiency in pumping blood throughout your body, and lowers the risk of heart diseases. Rowing is also rhythmic and low-impact, which makes it suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

Aim for 20-30 minute sessions. Focus on your form – it’s all in the legs and back. And the view's not bad either if you're out on the water!


Jump Rope - Skip to a Healthy Heart

Jumping rope is a high-intensity workout that gets your heart racing. It's not just for kids – it's a serious cardio session. Try to incorporate 15-20 minutes of jump rope into your routine three to four times a week. Use a rope that's the right length for your height, and find a rhythm that works for you.



Tennis - Serve Up Some Heart Health

Every sprint across the court, every powerful serve, and every strategic shot contributes to an intensive cardiovascular workout. The rapid, energetic movements in tennis ramp up your heart rate, build your heart muscle and boost your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Regularly playing tennis for 1-2 hours a few times a week can significantly contribute to a healthier heart. Just remember to warm up properly and stay hydrated throughout your game to maximize the benefits and ensure safety.


Yoga - Stretch and Strengthen Your Heart

Yoga might seem like it's all about flexibility, but it packs a serious punch for your heart health. This calming practice reduces stress, ramps up your flexibility, and boosts blood flowing – all essentials for a happy heart. Sneak in yoga sessions of 30-60 minutes into your routine, be it daily or every other day. Focus on your breathing and find a style of yoga that suits you – there's plenty to choose from!


Group Fitness Classes - Socialize and Energize Your Heart

Group fitness classes like Zumba, aerobics, or outdoor boot camps, can be a fun way to get your heart health on track. They offer a mix of cardiovascular and strength training, all while you get to socialize. Try different classes to see what you enjoy most, and aim for 2-4 sessions a week.


Wrap-Up: Your Heart's Happy Place

There you have it – 10 fabulous ways to keep your heart healthy and happy. Remember, the key to a strong heart is to find activities you love and stick with them. So go ahead, step outside, and give these workouts a try. Your heart (and your mood) will thank you for it!

And hey, while you're exploring these heart-pumping activities, don't forget to strap on your smartwatch! This handy gadget is incredibly beneficial for tracking your heart health and exercise status. From pacing through a brisk walk, or cycling up a hill, to flowing through a yoga sequence, your smart watch keeps tabs on your heart conditions, measures your workout intensity, and even tracks your progress over time. So strap on as you embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle. Stay active, stay informed, and here's to a heart that keeps beating stronger and healthier every day!