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At Suitisbest, we're driven by a singular passion — to create the ultimate Apple Watch bands for every adventure.


We know what challenges await you on your journey — and that's why our bands are expertly crafted to brave the extreme! Experience their excellent durability that conquer even the most fierce wet and wild. Time will tell how great it is!

Now calling all sport lovers and people of influence! Think you can convince others to hop on bike with Suitisbest? Read on!
Gather a bunch of folks with a shared passion, a common trait, to embark on daring adventures or thrilling journeys - it's so cool! We're all about uniting cycling lovers, sharing their epic outdoor tales and spreading the sheer joy of being in the wild. We've proudly named this avid tribe "SUITTER". where we utilize our voices to express our love for nature and life, to expand our community and to inspire more active souls along the way. 

And hey, if you're an outdoor enthusiast, regardless of the sport, and want to be part of our fervent squad, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Because we share the same fervor for life!

Perks of Joining Our Big Family #Suitters

1. Elevate your style with Cycling Apple Watch Bands

2. Amplify your reach for increased exposure in our channel, by advertising, or other ways

3. Unlock higher affiliate commission rates for enhanced earnings.

4. Enjoy exclusive discounts to share with your dedicated followers

5. Insider opportunity

To be our esteemed long-term ambassador, you need to

1. Create content + Mention our brand

2. Rep Suitisbest + Share your discount code

3. Influence brand decisions

Contact to Join Us

Here are our marketing accounts and official account you can contact directly. 


Or you can fill in the form to apply:


Who is approved to join this program
  • Social media influencers
  • Review sites
  • YouTube creators
  • Ourdoor forums
How do I apply?
Please contact our instagram accounts or fill out the registration form above with the required information, and we will contact you for further communication.

Alternatively, you can send your relevant information to We will respond to you promptly and assist you with the registration process.
What do I do if I encounter a problem?
Our dedicated partnership team exists to set you up for success. If approved for the program, we'll try our best to help you resolve the problem and achieve your goals.
How long would it take for me to get paid?
Payouts happen once a month. If you join at the end of a payment cycle, you may have to wait until the next month’s payment cycle.
Can I get samples?
Certainly, we will gladly provide you with samples of our latest products for your review.
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